Technology can be an invaluable asset in an office environment, if used correctly that is; however according to a new survey of 20,000 European workers carried out by Microsoft, this same technology is often in fact the cause of many a distraction throughout the working day, with productivity suffering as a result.

Deemed particularly distracting were the flurry of messages, notifications, and emails with which workers are bombarded on a daily basis, liberally doled out by countless apps and services.

Another oft-cited distraction stems from the manner in which employers use technology in the workplace, which can cause disruptions and lapses in concentration. Other factors mentioned in the report include a lack of training and the burn-out associated with an ‘always-on’ working mentality.

It is however the aforementioned poor application of office technology, rather than the technology itself, that is causing issues in offices throughout Europe. The report suggests that a ‘weak digital culture’ is in fact to blame for the apparent mishandling of technology in the workplace - organisations with a ‘strong digital culture’ being defined as those in which people enjoy proper training in technology, as well as having ample access to information and managers who promote the use of technology, communicating clearly to employees how specific technology fits into the company’s overall strategy.

To highlight the merits of focusing on building your company’s digital culture, the report further claims that in organisations which possess a strong digital culture, 22% of employees regard themselves as ‘highly productive’ while only 5% claim to be unproductive, compared to 12% and 21% respectively among firms with a weak digital culture.

Sam Bonson

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