With open-plan offices seemingly more popular than ever, furniture brand Vank is hoping to capitalise with the launch of a brand new range of soundproof pods that can be slotted into almost any workspace. The Vank Wall Boxes are designed for “hosting small meetings or video conferences, taking phone calls, or simply as an escape from the noise of a busy workspace”.

Img: Vank
Each box, or ‘pod’, is upholstered with a diamond-patterned, sound-absorbing fabric, which covers the walls and floor, offering protection up to 45 decibels. Doors are made from high-quality insulated glass, helping to further soundproof the cubicles.

“Noise levels in office spaces where conceptual work is carried out should not exceed 55 decibels, and spaces without proper acoustics can even reach 65 decibels in open office spaces. At this level, fatigue and loss of work efficiency occurs,” the company asserts.

“Vank’s wall boxes provide high isolation from such surroundings, and thus can serve as a space for temporary silencing, but also for small meetings or video conferences. The interior is friendly, and the upholstery provides a general sense of comfort.”

The boxes are available in four sizes: one-person, two/three-person, four-person and six-person. Each one is equipped with LED lighting, a ventilation system controlled by a motion sensor, and a media port that can be adapted for various needs.

One-person pods are equipped with a laptop shelf, making them as space-efficient as possible. The larger pods are spacious enough to allow for the addition of furniture, so can be fitted out with meeting room tables.

The pods are also widely customisable, allowing users to choose between options such as how many of the walls they want glazed and the colour of the fabric itself, the range of which includes yellow, orange, green, blue and grey.

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