In the office environment of yesteryear the desktop computer reigned supreme, praised for the superior computing power offered as compared to the then-still-emerging portable technologies we rely upon today. This however is simply not the case today, as technological advances have flooded the market with more variation than ever before. So, with new portable computing technologies emerging on a near-daily basis, what is the best solution for your business?

Simply put, there is no single correct answer to that question; instead it is important to remember that in a flexible office environment, the keyword is flexible, and as such you will more than likely find that one solution does not work for all. Rather tools, technologies and software should be selected based upon the role in question, and of course the demands thereof. This strategic approach encourages flexibility and agility, while also enabling companies to trim their IT costs.

For some tasks and roles where pure computing power is the most important asset, desktop computers do still hold massive value as they provide the most ‘bang for your buck’, so to speak, still offering more powerful systems than their smaller counterparts at a generally lower cost. Where mobility is of greater importance however, tablets or in some cases even just a smartphone may be all that is required, and in fact allow the employee in question to perform better than they would if tied to a desktop. It really is about finding the right tool for the job a hand.

Overall your approach should be to provide flexibility and variance, allowing employees to use whatever device best suits their given task at the time. By restricting available devices you may leave an on-the-road salesman without the correct tools to best complete their job, or render a graphic designer unable to work to their full potential due to lacklustre computing power. Allowing them to freely switch between devices is sure to ensure the best results.

It is also worth exploring the idea of custom apps, created specifically for your company and encompassing many of the tools your staff make use of on a daily basis. They can be easily installed on most devices, assuming they are running a compatible OS of course, and can substantially improve the efficiency of the working day.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor as he continues to expand his horizons.
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