Prime Minister Theresa May recently launched the government’s latest environment plan, which among other environmental policies establishes measures to reduce plastic waste over the next 25 years. During the plan’s announcement the PM lavished praise upon broadcaster Sky for banning disposable plastics from their working environment and also indicated other businesses could have a positive impact by introducing a similar ban, so we thought this was an opportune moment to provide our readers with brief overview of how they can create and maintain an environmentally-friendly working environment for their own business.

The first thing to do is to remove any remnants of a “throwaway culture” from your own and your employees’ mindset. This will in time have the beneficial effect of reducing or altogether eliminating the use of disposable plastics in favour or reusable alternatives, cut down on fruitless expenditure and unnecessary waste, and generally promote a more eco-conscious mentality in the workplace.

Travel for the purposes of work also has a less-than-desirable effect on the environment, yet it should be simple to reduce the need for staff to travel long distances for meetings and other events if proper thought is given. When selecting a location for such gatherings bear in mind where your workforce is based, and try to pick a location that will reduce the overall travel required. An even better solution where possible is to hold a conference/video call in place of an in-person meeting, allowing staff and management to seamlessly connect regardless of their current location.

Shifting to a paperless operation will also substantially boost your company’s green credentials, as outlined in our previous article in the subject. A clear workplace policy is also crucial if an environmentally-friendly operation is to be achieved. Additional considerations include making changes to energy use, using renewable energy sources, reducing wastage, and lowering emissions.

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