Working from home has become an increasingly popular practice over recent years; however for those working in particular industries, and for those who simply prefer to work in a dedicated office environment, this is not always a practical option. There is however an achievable middle-ground here, and by bringing certain home comforts into the office you can create an environment that embodies the best of both worlds, boosting staff performance in the process.

This does not need to be a complicated endeavour; in fact, there are a plethora of easy-to-achieve tricks and tips you can utilise in order to create a homely and effective office environment.

Decorations & Personal Trinkets

As it is arguably the easiest of the listed tactics to implement, and certainly carries the lowest cost for the business itself, allowing staff to bring in personal trinkets, decorations and photographs with which to decorate their desk and/or working environment is a great way to enhance the working experience. This will allow staff to create a space in which they feel relaxed, comfortable, and best able to perform to the peak of their ability, all while still having access to all the functionality offered by the more-traditional office environment.

Relax the Dress Code

Allowing your workforce to ditch the formal dress code can work wonders in terms of their performance as, while some do insist that wearing a suit or other such garment makes them feel more confident and respected, others are much better able to perform in more casual wear – and so giving them the freedom to choose is important. This will of course depend somewhat on the industry, job role, and specific task at hand, as it is not exactly looked upon favourably to walk into a formal client meeting in a tracksuit or sloppy jeans. For the standard working day however while staff see little of customers, a more relaxed dress code will have many of the same effects as the aforementioned personal decorative touch.

Flexibility & Freedom

The traditional 9-to-5 working day seems to be slowly disappearing, and what’s more your workforce now likely expects this to be the case. Offering flexitime arrangements and other such freedoms will give your workforce a feeling of enhanced control over their working day, allowing them to better coordinate their day which in turn can boost motivation and overall job satisfaction.

Homely Design

Long gone are the days of drab, grey offices filled with line-upon-line of soulless cubicles; now, many of the most prominent and sought-after modern offices bear more resemblance to the home, and for good reason. However while the working environment is indeed undergoing something of a transformation, a lot of workplaces are lagging behind the times and still aren’t all that comfortable for staff.

To transform the office into a place that employees actually want to travel to, a business must invest in comfortable furniture and d├ęcor. Include sofas and comfortable seating in break areas, and fill empty spaces with colour, plant-life and greenery. All of this will help create a homely feel, and you are sure to notice the resultant effect on staff.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor as he continues to expand his horizons.
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