With the New Year fast approaching, now is a good time to take a good hard look at your business operation and make some much-needed changes - be they large or small - that could make a dramatic difference as you head into 2018. At the forefront of the working world at present is wellbeing, and by extension happiness and, the end result, productivity. With that in mind we have compiled a few pieces of advice which should help you hit the ground running in 2018. Some of these recommendations may not be applicable to all businesses, and some of you may already have such features or practices in place, but the following should provide some insight for those of you in need of a metaphorical kick to send you into the New Year.

Healthier Vending Machines

Vending machines are popular in busy places of work, allowing workers to avoid lengthy café or lunchroom queues if all they want is a quick snack. Quick and easy does not however have to mean unhealthy and gone are the days when the workforce would scorn a vending machine which provided sustenance of a somewhat healthier variety. Many office vending machines contain nothing but processed sugary foods and heavy carbohydrates; load yours up with healthier options and productivity, happiness, and indeed general health should improve over time.

Variation among Working Areas/Surfaces

The vast majority of office working will spend an overwhelming number of hours sat rigidly at a desk; this is far from good for their health and has been associated with various physical and mental conditions including obesity and depression, among other ailments. Sit-stand desks can be effective in reducing the amount of time staff sit down, as can collaborative working areas with a more lounge-orientated aesthetic, or even dedicated breakout or wellness zones. They key is to provide a mixture of working surfaces and areas so as to allow workers to move freely and find a working environment which is beneficial to them.

Digital Detoxing

Technology is everywhere in the modern office environment, and the constant monitoring of phone calls, emails, and workloads in general regardless of working hours can cause even the most dedicated employee to burn out. Put boundaries around the use of such work-related software and devices and you will not you soon have a more eager and more productive workforce during the working hours when it actually matters.

Napping in the Workplace

Bear with me now; while closing your eyes and having a nap in the middle of the working day in the name of productivity may seem, well, counterproductive, a 20-minute power nap has been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity. In fact, dedicated sleep pods are becoming increasingly common in modern workplaces, including the likes of Google and Uber among others.

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