Securus Technologies’ brand new North Texas HQ, designed on behalf of the telecommunications company by Lauckgroup, stands as a near-perfect example of many of the design practices we discuss and recommend here at 1850 Thoughts. The striking H-shaped building was renovated to incorporate the latest in modern design trends, with particular emphasis placed on the wellbeing of the workforce; this is evident throughout the entirety of the 154,000sq ft premises, from the dedicated break and wellness rooms to the extensive exterior spaces and in fact all spaces in between.

Img: Justin Clemmons
Perhaps the most apparent wellness-orientated feature of the premises, and indeed a vital component from the outset given the office’s round-the-clock use, stems from the very shape of the building itself. The rather unique H-shaped structure, adorned on all sides with large glass panelled windows, allows natural light to pour into each and every interior viewpoint; for a summary of exactly why this is so important, take a look at our previous article on the subject.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted with a striking two-story atrium which serves as the perfect introduction to the company and brand, featuring a large display of Securus patents, a branded graphic, a wood veneer with digital screens, and the rather novel addition of an employee comment wall.

The rest of the ground floor is occupied by the auditorium and customer call center, located in the east wing, and the warehouse space, large employee break room, and training center, situated in the west wing; the walk to the western wing is lined with displays of customers experiences, which serve as a fantastic way to keep the workforce motivated.

As for the upper two floors, the ‘arms’ of the building are occupied by the work areas, which themselves feature a mixture of private offices, open workstations, and breakout teaming spaces in order to cater to the preferences of all employees, thereby ensuring the best results.

An active core zone with collaborative areas, additional break rooms, wellness rooms, phone rooms, and enclosed conference and training spaces occupy the core areas second and third floors, designed to foster collaboration between colleagues and departments while also providing an appealing alternative to the typical office layout.

Sustainability was also clearly on the agenda throughout the design and fit-out process, as evidenced by the eco-conscious materials, such as low VOC paint, sustainably forested countertop wood, and ceiling tiles made of stone wool containing 42% recycled content, incorporated into the work spaces and larger premises.

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