CBRE Group, the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world, have been making efforts lately to improve the working environments of their estimated 750,000 employees as part of the ongoing ‘Canadian Workforce Transformation Program’. Focusing, as you have likely deduced for yourself, on their offices in Canada, the program aims to bring CBRE’s offices well and truly into the modern age by making efforts to further embrace technology and the industry around it.

The latest step in the aforementioned program has now been realised with the group opening a brand new office space in Kitchener-Waterloo. The new office, located at 72 Victoria Street South, is the ninth office to be revamped as part of the program over the past two years, and incorporates cloud-based file storage solutions and a digitisation program that reduces paper consumption by as much as 85%. The workspace also includes sit-stand desks and a variety of differing working environments so as to best suit the needs of employees as individuals. The firm also included the rather novel addition of white-noise machines, intended to dampen background noise and reduce distractions in the process.

Peter Whatmore, executive managing director of CBRE in South-western Ontario, said of the program and the role of the new office space within their wider plans, “Considering that Kitchener-Waterloo is the fastest growing tech market in Canada and the second fastest in North America, it was integral to our strategy to be in the heart of the Innovation District.

“We have learned a lot from this vibrant tech region and I believe we have captured its essence within our new Kitchener-Waterloo office. The unique aspects of this space truly set it apart yet maintain the consistent high-quality client experience that we are delivering across all of our newly transformed offices. Not only was it important for us to showcase our market leadership with our new space, it was critical that it provided an environment that inspired and motivated our teams. I am happy to say we have accomplished both feats.”

Ashley O’Neill, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at CBRE Canada, also commented, “Leading organisations understand more than ever that employee health and wellness are now critical in driving their real estate decisions. We took a progressive and technology focused approach to designing our space while carefully considering the impact of each design decision on the wellness of our employees. When you consider that most workers spend approximately half their waking hours in an office, employers can have a real and direct impact on employee wellness and productivity.”

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