We have discussed the importance of workplace happiness in the past here at 1850 Thoughts, and for good reason; studies have shown that by placing a little extra emphasis on the morale of the workforce, businesses can achieve heightened levels of staff retention, better collaboration between colleagues, a boost to creativity, energy, and motivation, and a general uptick in productivity.

There are many factors that may influence the happiness of the workforce within any given company, from increased autonomy, variety and flexibility, to additional support, recognition, and prospects for progression; just about everything right down to the design and layout of the office environment itself can have a dramatic impact. Now a new survey published by social platform Neighbourly has given us something else to add to that list – namely volunteer work organised/conducted via the company.

The survey, which was carried out by an independent research company and incorporated responses from 2,000 individuals across the UK, found that those who partake in employee volunteering (EV) schemes are on average 13% happier at work than those who do not. Additionally it was found that employees who volunteer are 15% more satisfied with their lives and are also 15% more likely to recommend the company they work for, which of course helps when it comes to the recruitment of top talent.

The latter assertion is backed up by the fact that 75% of millennials now consider the potential to contribute to society when choosing an employer. Fortunately the business world is beginning to catch on, with 85% of businesses finding that employee volunteering helps to advance in-house talent as part of a wider learning and development strategy.

Other reported findings of the survey include:
  • 72% of respondents feel volunteering allows them to apply their skills
  • 80% said the experience made them feel happier
  • 86% said it raised their company’s profile
  • 89% want to take part in more events
  • 100% said volunteering made them feel proud to work for their company
Nick Davies, founder of Neighbourly, commented, “Whilst the link between happiness and volunteering may not be a new one, the benefits and wider implications for employees, employers and the community cannot be ignored.

“Having greater insight into the positives of volunteering couldn’t have come at a more crucial time, when smaller community projects and charities are more in need of help than ever, due to the reduction in funding from the government, and we are trying to create transparency around that.”

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor as he continues to expand his horizons.
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