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Despite their sometimes-negative reputation, which is mostly fuelled by the select few who go overboard on the alcohol, there are many advantages to hosting the occasional party for your workforce. They provide an opportunity to showcase potential talent, celebrate the accomplishments of individuals, teams, or the company as a whole, and boost the motivation and morale of the workforce. However a lavish office party can carry a significant expense not only in terms of the actual finances invested, but also the time and effort required for organisation, but that doesn’t need to be so.

There are a number of ways to throw a low-key, low-cost office party without sacrificing any of the benefits. The most obvious is to make use of your existing business premises rather than an outside venue, which with a little forethought and some creativity can provide a more-than-suitable setting for a company celebration.

Beyond that the best way to reduce costs is to keep the event casual; while it’s nice to spruce up the office a little there’s no need to splash out on expensive decorations. Instead of bringing in fancy tables simply cover existing tables and workspaces with tablecloths, add a centrepiece and the job is done. Find a suitable and aptly-sized area to open up a dancefloor and utilise floor space throughout different areas to set up a variety of games, providing entertainment while encouraging people to drift into areas they wouldn’t use in a typical day.

A similar technique can be used to create a bar area for those who wish to serve alcohol. You may have a standalone counter within your break era that serves this purpose well, but if not you can improvise with an unused cubicle or simply cover a few cabinets. It is advised however that food is served outside of the lunch area/cafeteria as this will be associated with office hours due to its everyday use.

The most important thing to remember is that it isn’t the expense of the occasion that provides the positive experience; it’s the people and the atmosphere. So go on and encourage your workforce to let their hair down as we approach the Christmas break; the positive impact this will inspire is well worth the now-minor expense.

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