Following a call from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), trade unions, industry leaders and a plethora of other organisations for businesses to focus on a broad range of health & safety and wellbeing issues, the HSE have taken matters somewhat into their own hands with their newly-launched ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well’ Initiative. The initiative was reportedly born out of the positive response to the aforementioned call-to-action, and aims to create an online community dedicated to the task of promoting the advantages of cultural change with the ultimate ambition of improving the health and wellbeing of Britain’s workforce.

The launch of the new web community sets out to establish a social sharing network where companies and businesses can ‘make their commitments, share their journey of improvement and help each other and encourage others to follow in their footsteps’.

On the HSE website, the initiative is summarised as follows: “Great Britain’s health and safety record is the envy of much of the world. Central to this is protecting people by managing risk in a proportionate and effective way, supporting innovation and increasing productivity. The challenge is to improve even further on this impressive record.”

HSE chair Martin Temple said of the community and overall initiative, “Making a workplace commitment to health and safety is something that takes time, energy and passion, but the rewards for delivering on that commitment are incalculable. Sensible and proportionate health and safety prevents ill-health, death and injury in the workplace and is good for business and good for workers.”

The HSE are also encouraging business professionals and leaders to join the Help Great Britain Work Well web community and debate issues online using the hashtag #HelpGBWorkWell.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor as he continues to expand his horizons.
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