As anyone who has ever run a professional office will attest, space rarely comes cheap. With that in mind it is important to ensure that you are using all available space as best you can, cutting down on wasted expenditure and improving the flow of your office and productivity of your workforce as a result. While there are many approaches you can take to achieve this goal, and the specifics will obviously depend upon your company and industry as a whole, the process can be significantly simplified with the proper application of effective space management software. Today I wanted to discuss the primary benefits of such technology and how its use can impact upon daily operations within the office; so, without further ado, below are listed four major benefits that come with the proper utilisation of space management software:

Simplify Hot-desking Arrangements

Hot-desking has become an increasingly-popular working practice as of late; it can boost collaboration, promote creativity, reduce stress and overall, provide a substantial boost to workforce productivity – if implemented properly that is. If poorly managed such arrangements can lead to little more than mass confusion and disputes between colleagues, and so it is important that space is both adequate and properly managed.

Space management software can be a particular asset to any company operating a hot-desking system as it allows individual employees to ‘check in’ to workspaces or in the case of some software, pre-book the space ahead of time. This ensures that everyone in the office can find a space in which to work and removes any chance of disputes arising regarding the use of a particular workspace, while automatic email and chat notifications keep everyone in the loop. All-in-all, such software can streamline the entire process and save you a lot of time and stress in the process.

Free up Time Spent Managing Requests

With all that’s being said about space, don’t forget that time too is an asset and should be carefully managed and utilised. By making use of specific management software such as a request manager you can save valuable time once spent dealing with employee requests regarding the office environment and/or operations, as these will all be organised and presented within a dedicated application, making the whole process decidedly simpler.

Make Decisions Guided by Reliable Data

In any business there will come a time when you have to make some difficult and meaningful decisions, whether that be regarding budget, departmental processes or any other aspect of your business, and the data provided by management software can be a significant help when this time comes. Carefully collected, compiled, and communicated through structured reporting, this data can provide valuable insights into how your premises are being used, allowing you to make the right changes at the right time.

Track & Manage Resources, Reduce Chance of Theft

Particularly once your company reaches a certain size, it’s safe to say you will have rather a lot going on and in some cases just keeping track of the resources you have to hand can become a nightmare in itself as various arms of the business draw from the same pool. Decent management software will enable you to keep tabs on essential resources within your business and prevent accidental loss, all while simultaneously guarding against fraud and theft, which are known to cause businesses substantial sums of money each year. This doesn’t just apply to finances, but also any physical assets the company may possess.

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