As any visitor to this site will likely know, we here at 1850 Thoughts consider office design to be a highly important aspect of business life. The environment you create for your workforce will have a substantial effect upon their performance, and so the office space should be designed with your employees and their needs in mind. Perhaps nowhere is this more applicable than within the creative industries, where an inspiring setting that ties in well with the core values of the brand can be paramount in ensuring the end result you desire.

Lines of grey cubicles will do nothing in regards to mental stimulus, and without that creative drive your workforce will soon flounder in a sea of half ideas and poorly executed plans. Colour, fun, and variation are key when it comes to crafting a creative office environment where imagination can truly flourish. For evidence of this you need look no further than prominent and well-publicised examples such as Google, who bucked the existing and more-traditional trends of office design in favour of a lively aesthetic packed with interesting features.

For those in need of a creative office revamp, there are a few key principles to remember which will, if executed properly, provide your workforce with the boost in mental stimulation they so require. Of course there are always improvements that can be made, but below we have listed what we believe to be the three most important aspects of a successful office design for those in the creative industries:

Create Zones of Differing Style and Function

One of the easiest ways to prevent the office environment from becoming stagnant in terms of creative potential is to ensure that no two areas of the office are entirely alike from the outset. This will allow the workforce to drift between different areas depending upon their requirements at the time, finding the perfect setting to fit their mood, mind-set, and/or current task.

Incorporate Employee Suggestions

You could easily argue that nobody will ever understand the requirements of your workforce better than the employees themselves, and so it is important to take their suggestions and ideas into consideration when designing the space in which they will work on a daily basis. Listen when they discuss features or aesthetics which help them to feel creative, imaginative and productive, whether they require and upright desk, simple whiteboard, or lounging sofa-and-laptop setup. Not only will this help to boost the performance of your workforce, it will also stop you from wasting money on features and additions in which your team find little-to-no value.

Continue to Evolve and Transform the Workplace

Familiar spaces will, over time, cease to inspire creativity in the way they once did, and so it is important to give the office environment something of a refresh from time to time. This can be achieved relatively simply with small changes such as relocating plants or swapping out/re-homing artwork, or you may opt to refit certain areas of the office entirely. This latter option can however be expensive and time-consuming and so is not really a feasible solution for short-term changes. You should also make sure when first designing the space to carefully plan for the future growth of your team, as an overcrowded and noisy office will only hinder creativity, while an over-large space is a pure financial drain.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor as he continues to expand his horizons.
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