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We’ve discussed many a time the importance of reliable technology in the office and the frustration caused by lacklustre or failing devices and software, particularly among managers and HR professionals. Tech problems will of course have a knock-on effect on productivity throughout the working day, and as such measures should be taken to prevent said issues where possible.

A new survey conducted by has now shown the true scope of the issue, as it reveals that the average UK office worker wastes 15 minutes per day dealing with technology issues, which equates to 9 full working days being lost each year (based on a year with 253 working days).

The aforementioned time of 15 minutes per day (or 15 minutes and 17 seconds to be exact) is only an average however, with one-in-ten workers reportedly wasting nearly double that, losing a total of 30 minutes per day, or 18 days per year. The issue seems most widespread in the legal sector, with the average worker spending 17 minutes and ten seconds each day on the resolution of technology-based issues.

The industries that saw workers lose the most time due to office tech fails were:
  1. Legal (17 minutes, 10 seconds)
  2. Information technology (17 minutes, 2 seconds)
  3. Engineering and manufacturing (16 minutes, 44 seconds)
  4. Recruitment and HR (16 minutes, 26 seconds)
  5. Marketing, advertising and PR (15 minutes, 59 seconds)
  6. Accountancy, banking and finance (15 minutes, 40 seconds)
  7. Property and construction (15 minutes, 28 seconds)
  8. Healthcare (15 minutes, 23 seconds)
  9. Teaching and education (15 minutes, 9 seconds)
  10. Public services and administration (15 minutes, 8 seconds)
Breaking the results down to the cause of the issues themselves, internet connectivity rather unsurprisingly came out as the leading technology problem faced by UK offices, as cited by 44% of respondents. Crashing computers and laptops follow closely behind, being directly mentioned by 41% of respondents, while a broken printer caused issues for 40%.

Dave Jones, Product Buyer at, said of the results, “The research we conducted has revealed some really shocking figures. Over nine working days lost to technology is sure to have a huge impact on businesses, especially small businesses and start-ups. Making sure that technology is regularly updated will stop issues with computers regularly crashing, and having systems backed up on servers should keep time lost to a minimum. Keeping equipment around the office updated and replacing old and slow technology may cost in the short term, but the time saved will soon balance this out.

“Keeping office supplies stocked is also a quick and easy way to keep time lost to a minimum, as over one in seven (13%) workers lost time in work due to the printer running out of paper!”

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