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Previously on 1850 Thoughts, we’ve looked at office branding and how to do it effectively to portray the right message through office and interior design. Use of colour, shape, furniture and layout can all be tailored to your brand to ultimately create a unique and stylish workspace.

We’ve come across an innovative office space, achieved through effective branding techniques, and today, we’d like to share it with you. The In Mocean Group, based in Manhattan, New York, are a leading swimwear manufacturing and design company and on first glance of their bold reception area (above), it’s instantly obvious what type of business they are – and that makes fantastic branding.


Firstly, the use of colour in In Mocean Group’s office is complimentary and bold, but not too busy. The uses of blues and whites create a fresh feel and a nautical feel; the use of gradients adds depth and is reminiscent of an ocean’s horizon.

The floor adds a different dimension with the earthy-toned wood, being practical, sleek and comparable to sand; the whole reception area gives the illusion of a bright, bold beachscape.

Pops of black and dark brown are added through furniture and framework, and while not completely sticking to the beach-theme, the black adds contrast and breaks up the space, adding interest.

Img: Colin Miller Photography

The branding also translates through shape. A key feature of the design is the reception desk, which is curved with a waved design and smooth edges. This curved, waved shape is used throughout the whole area in furniture and interior glass to replicate the fluidity of water, again being relevant to the swimwear brand.

The Switzer Group, the architects behind In Mocean’s office, describe the reception:

“The stretched, high-gloss ceiling system is utilized to give the calming sense of the ocean and a custom-made translucent, wavy, glass wall is displayed behind the reception area representing water.”


Interior glass is used throughout the office to create a sleek look, open up the space and flood the space with natural light. “Clear glass office fronts further open up the space and allow for natural light to permeate throughout. Additionally, a large skylight above the interconnecting, sculptural stair further infuses the space with light.”

The large digital video screen displays the company’s logo simply on top of water, being literal and explicit (but sophisticated) in their branding approach.

This office space is an excellent example of how to brand an office using colour, shape and texture to portray a company and a message. To read our general post sharing branding tips and tricks, click here.

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