It’s October, meaning it’s officially acceptable to start thinking about the fun, spooky season we call Halloween. While it was a lot more fun when we were younger – “trick or treat!” – it’s still fun to celebrate in one way or another in our adult years. Here are our tips to spruce up your office this month to bring a fun, collaborative and festive atmosphere.


If your colleagues are really into the spooky holiday, why not go the whole-hog with your Halloween celebrations? A dress-up day would be fun for everyone but ensure everyone knows the ground-rules regarding costumes and practicality - which basically means no offensive costumes and none that will hinder/ stop employees from working productively.

You could even hold a dress-up competition, with the prize being something like an extra-days holiday or something not work-related like a box of Halloween chocolates. The incentive of the prize is likely to encourage employees to get involved, have fun and be social.


Decorating the office can be fun and make the space look festive; how festive you choose to go is up to you. One option is to go all out with the tinselly, sparkly, (slightly tacky) decorations to brighten up the place and give it a really fun feel. Encourage employees to decorate their personal desk space, but be sure to avoid clutter.

If you’re not keen on the cheap vibrant decorations, go minimal to achieve a more professional (but still spooky) look. Perhaps hang that fake cobweb material in the office, or place a couple mini pumpkins about the place to still bring the fun, just with a less in-your-face approach.


Bringing Halloween-themed foods into the office is a great way to be festive. You could hold a bake-sale of Halloween-themed sweets and treats, and perhaps do it for a charity (you could raise money for the costume contest too!) to make it even more worth-while.  Macmillan Coffee Mornings are happening all over the country this month – why not make yours Halloween-themed?


Celebrating festivities at work can bring a world of benefits which you may not even think of. Firstly, the primary purpose is for the office to have a bit of fun, which is always achieved when dressing up or eating cake. The importance of workplace happiness has been covered countless times (including by us – read here) and the happier your workforce, the more productive and successful!

Any events you may hold like bake sales and dress-up contests will likely boost workplace morale, again being all kinds of good for productivity. If all employees get on and enjoy socialising, the chance of collaboration and team-work will rise massively, again being beneficial for the company.

Happy Halloween all!

Laura Sewell

An aspiring journalist, Laura is our Content Writer.  Pop-punk gig-goer and drag queen enthusiast, Laura is working her way into the industry with a love of writing about anything and everything in tow.
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