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With the open-plan office trend becoming less popular, the need to divide the office space to create separate areas is bigger than ever. A great way to do this without building chunky walls is to be creative with space dividers; there are ways they can look stylish, be functional and create a suitable space for productive working.

Texture and Material

Your choice of material can create different effects. Adding an interesting or contrasting texture to the space in the form of a divider can first and foremost be functional in creating separation, but secondly add interest and create a design feature.

Using wood tones can create a softer look, or patterned surfaces can make a statement and give the illusion of texture. Glass is one many offices use to keep the space appearing big, light and stylish, while still allowing for sound-proofing and separation.

You could steer away from the standard separator being internal walls, by using alternative methods. Half height dividers map out the space and floor plan, creating zones, without completely blocking off an area. Or, go for mixed-sized plants add design statements throughout the office along with the benefits of greenery in the office, which include cleaner air, stress relief & potential increased productivity.

Add Function

While the main obvious function of space dividers is to (as the name suggests) divide the space, you could choose to go further and give them a secondary purpose to positively contribute to the office.

For example, if the dividers are interior glass, consider using ‘switchable glass’ which can be made opaque; this gives the option of privacy if needed for meetings.

Or, how about making a divider a pin-board for mind-maps, mood boards and team discussions? These visual spaces can promote collaboration and team building, and also inspire employees.

Img: Woodalls Design
Add Design

If adding a function isn’t what could benefit the office, maintaining simplicity can be a good route to go down. Add design aspects like your logo, experiment with shapes, incorporate brand colours and materials to create an eye-catching design true to your brand.

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