Planning and executing an office fit-out is no easy task, which is a big motivator as to why so many companies opt to call in the professionals to simplify and streamline the process, all while ensuring top quality results. One of the oft-forgotten facets of the design process is the furniture; while extensive thought is placed upon layout, colour schemes and other aspects, when it comes to the furniture itself all-too-many companies seem to opt for a “that’ll do” approach, and I’m here to tell you that may well be a big mistake.

Your employees will spend a lot of time sat in the office, longer in fact than they will spend at home (on average), and so ensuring the right fit is of paramount importance for a number of different reasons. So, what are the primary considerations when choosing furniture with which to fill your office? Let’s explore…


As previously stated, many companies will select the cheapest furnishing options when first fitting out their new premises, so long as the design is vaguely-applicable to their overall vision for the space. While this may seem like a good idea as the initial investment will of course be smaller, this approach may actually end up coasting you more down the line as you constantly have to splash out the cash in order to replace degraded or outdated pieces that simply don’t have the longevity to survive extended use in a busy office environment.

By opting for a more robust albeit slightly more expensive alternative from the outset you could actually save money as the piece itself will last much longer. On top of that, quality tends to be visually apparent which will help in terms of perception, but we’ll discuss that later.


Arguably the primary concern when selecting office furniture is the workforce you expect to make use of the space and its furnishings. With concerns such as back aches and fatigue running rife through UK offices, often caused by the working environment we are placed within, particular attention should be paid to your workforce and their well-being, and the provision of comfortable, ergonomically-designed furniture is among the simplest ways to do so.

The provision of proper furniture will not only improve upon the morale of your staff as they will feel more valued, it will also improve upon their general health. This in turn leads to fewer sick days and a boost in productivity, as well as making it easier to attract and retain vital talent.


Despite all the emphasis I have placed above on value, versatility and health, visuals remain vital in the modern working world. Even the most practical furniture options can carry an unappealing aesthetic; this is certainly worthy of consideration as such details will impact upon the perception of your company. This is applicable in regards to your employees, visitors, customers and clients alike.

By paying careful attention to the design and visuals of your office space and accompanying furniture, you can create a space which is not only perceived well by all who see it, but also helps to tie your brand together.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor as he continues to expand his horizons.
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