Virtual landline numbers, when used correctly, can be an asset for businesses both large and established, or small and seeking growth. These numbers operate much like any other standard landline, costing the same and bearing the area code of any requested region, yet being a virtual line they are not tied to a single location as such. There are many business benefits to be found in the use of such lines, as we will endeavour to explore within this article.

One of the more notable and perhaps obvious benefits afforded by virtual landline number lies in targeted advertising, or more specifically those campaigns or efforts focused upon any single given region, city or location. By making use of a virtual number bearing the area code for said region/city, you can appear as a ‘local’ company, thereby increasing chances that local residents will trust and by extension pay for the services provided by your company. For example a company based in Leeds is more likely to use the services of another business based nearby than they are one located miles away in, say, Southampton; it just makes sense.

Memorability is also an important factor to consider; just think of all those adverts you’ve seen in which the company phone number is given as a sort of rudimentary jungle. Virtual landlines offer you much more choice and freedom when it comes to the number you use for your business, rather than just being assigned a seemingly random assortment of numbers as standard. This can greatly improve upon your bottom line as, naturally, customers who can easily remember how to contact you are more likely to do so.

Virtual landlines can also cut down on hassle by removing the need to change your company contact number when relocating or changing providers. Not only will this save on hassle and expense, it could also save you custom that may have been lost as customers both new and existing struggle to make contact during and following the changeover.

One factor of particular use to home-based businesses and those who regularly work while out on the road is the function of separating business and personal calls that all come through to the same device. This allows such workers to communicate with clients, customers and colleagues with ease while out of the office, all while appearing fully professional as, through the customers’ eyes, they are dialling a dedicated business line.

The ability to re-route or redirect calls made to a virtual line is also a great asset, reducing the amount of business lost due to busy phones lines or other engagements. Most virtual landline providers will allow you to redirect a virtual number to other numbers to either be kept on hold or dealt with by a colleague, and this can truly be invaluable.

So, virtual landline numbers certainly seem to have their uses across a number of different fields and factors. While not all companies will require one, it is certainly worth looking into (especially when you consider the lack of any additional expenditure).

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor as he continues to expand his horizons.
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