Designing your office can be a complicated endeavour, what with all the possible combinations of furnishings, colours, and styles. For many, visualising the space complete with the new additions and alterations can be challenging in itself, but luckily a new AR app from Specifix is here to help in that regard.

Img: Specifix
The Specifix app utilises augmented reality technology to display design elements such as wallpaper, flooring, patterns and textures in real time. Featuring an easy to use ‘point-and-shoot’ interface, users can select any interior or exterior surface and play around with new colours, materials, and patterns to find the desired aesthetic.

“The whole purpose is to help people visualize what a product will look like installed in an existing environment,” Specifix president Jerry Freeman told Built in Chicago.

According to Freeman this visualisation is highly important, as existing design features can have a notable influence upon the final look of a new floor or wallpaper, and looking at these two different aspects individually makes it difficult to tie the overall design together and create an appealing aesthetic throughout the office. Freeman reportedly has hopes that this will enable professionals such as sales reps, contractors, architects and designers to better serve the needs of their clients.

The Specifix app in its current form focuses purely on materials such as tiles, wallpaper, and carpet, but Freeman hopes to one day expand the functionality to incorporate other design elements such as light fixtures and furniture.

Freeman said of his ambitions for the app, “Imagine if you had the entire IKEA catalogue in here. Before you even go the store, you could have your entire shopping list ready. Hell, why even go to the store?”

Specifix are also eyeing up potential applications in the clothing industry, adapting their AR offering to allow customers to ‘try on’ clothes in a virtual changing room.

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