Love it or hate it, millennials are becoming an increasingly important part of the working world, and as such a new wave of workplace trends are sweeping across various industries. Recognising this fact, architecture firm Grimshaw recently unveiled plans for a brand new office tower in the Australian city of Sydney which they state has been specifically designed from the ground up to appeal to a millennial workforce.

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The tower, located on a lot spanning 210-220 George Street, will come in at an estimated cost of AU $90 million (approx. £55 million) and will form an integral early stage of a wider effort to overhaul and renovate the city’s waterfront district.

The building itself features an eye-catching design, comprising three distinct section styled to give the appearance on three separate towers; the curving roofline pays homage to the iconic ‘shells’ of the nearby Sydney Opera House.

Of the three separate elements, the taller two will reach 26 storeys tall and will be linked by expressed slabs. To add character to the building’s exterior, one will feature a fully-glazed fa├žade while the other will be comprised of opaque blockwork. The third, notably shorter tower will feature double-height floors each framed by arching concrete fins. The end result is a joy to view.

Grimshaw have themselves stated that this design was chosen to appeal to the millennial worker, helping local businesses to attract innovators in the creative, technology, and finance sectors.

Grimshaw managing partner Andrew Cortese commented, “Sydney is uniquely placed to attract and retain 21st-century talent, we see the opportunity to create a leading-edge workplace that inspires the day-to-day working lives of its occupants, enlivens the public realm and adds vibrancy to city life.”

The glazed portion of the building will offer breathtaking views of the Sydney Opera House, further adding to the tower’s appeal as a day-to-day workplace. A double-height lobby and shopping area will occupy the base of the tower adjoining George Street, while plans for the basement include a public art gallery, restaurants, and bars.

Construction on the project is scheduled to commence in early 2019, with an estimated completion date of 2022.

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