Employee satisfaction will always be one of the major things that influences whether a company sinks or swims. You can’t expect your staff to do their best work if they’re not happy in their job, and dissatisfaction is one of the biggest factors that would push them to leave. If these feelings are fairly consistent around the office then your employee turnover is going to be high.

That is not good for business.

No employer wants their office to be seen as a revolving door with new employees constantly being hired to replace ones that have left, but unless changes are implemented then this is something that’s going to keep happening. Expectations of what a job should provide have certainly grown in recent years as employees acknowledge that employers need them just as much, if not more, than they do in return.

To prevent your staff from wanting to jump ship, here are a few points to consider.

Pick Someone That’s Right For Your Company

Employees are less likely to leave your company if they’re truly the right person for the job. It’s always important to remember during the interview process that just because someone fits all the criteria, it doesn’t mean that they’re the perfect candidate for your office. Bonding with colleagues and immersing in the workplace culture is definitely important, even if it should still come second to how well they’re suited to the position they’ve applied for.

Be sure to let potential candidates know what it’s like in the office and find out how they’d react in certain situations by asking the right questions. If you’re not confident that they’re going to easily become part of the team after an interview then chances are they won’t last long in the job. No-one wants to work somewhere they don’t feel comfortable, and while they may not consider this an issue when they first apply for the job, it will surely become one after several weeks with your company.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Say ‘Well Done’

Not getting enough praise is definitely something that demotivates a lot of employees, because they fear that their work is not of a good enough quality, or that their efforts are not being acknowledged. Workers who continue to receive no praise for their work are likely to put in less effort because doing a job starts to become pointless. Sure enough, they’ll also start looking for a company where they’re going to be appreciated a great deal more.

Start showing a little bit of love if you don’t already to create a much more positive atmosphere in the workplace. You don’t have to go overboard, but when an employee impresses you with their work be sure to let them know. The motivation that this acknowledgement creates will increase productivity in the office and prevent people from considering moving to another job. If you’re struggling to find something to praise someone for then you may need to ask yourself if they’re actually a person that you’re desperate to keep at your company.

Money Makes the World Go Round

Some might say that money is the root of all evil, but find us someone who would say no to more of it. While people who are looking to be employed for the first time might not be as bothered about getting a huge pay cheque, the desire for better money will increase with age. Employees have a lot of expenses that they need to cover, and they still want to have an extra bit to spend on themselves as well, so if your company isn’t offering enough then chances are they’ll look for somewhere that is.

This doesn’t mean that you need to dramatically raise your staff wages, especially if your company can’t afford to, but you need to offer incentives at the very least. This gives them something to look forward to every so often, like a tri-monthly bonus, although this alone won’t convince people to stay. Even employees who love everything about their job will go elsewhere if their salary doesn’t meet their expectations, so if you can’t afford to bump up their pay a little then expect to see your employee turnover go up.

Have a Bit of Flexibility

Flexible working is definitely the future, although by now it really ought to be the present. People are changing in the way that they want to work and flexible schedules allow them the freedom to start and finish their day when it best suits them. For those with important duties they need to attend to, such as childcare, having better control over when they work is likely to make them more dedicated to your company. You’re offering them the freedom to balance their work and home life which quickly takes away the stress that a 9-5 routine might give them.

Although offering flexibility isn’t always possible, there are still ways to try and adjust the work day so that it feels less rigid. Allowing flexible lunch breaks, for example, can offer employees the chance to take time out of work when they most need it to deal with something outside of the office. This isn’t a perfect solution and won’t be beneficial to people reliant on a flexible environment, but it could still make the difference for a small number of your staff.

No Promotion? No Point

If an employee has no chance of moving up through the ranks sometime in the future then their time with your company will definitely be limited. Staying in the same job for years on end can become boring, even if they love it, and eventually they’ll tire of coming into work every day with nothing ever changing. They can’t hope to develop new skills by doing the same tasks week after week, after all.

Inform your staff at the start of their employment what the opportunities are for promotion and how they can work towards one. Just the knowledge that there’s a chance for them to grow within the company will spur them to stay for longer, especially if there’s the possibility of multiple promotions in the future. Unfortunately, if there is no possibility of advancement, you may have to accept that your employees are unlikely to stick around for long.

There is no perfect way to retain all of your staff, no matter what you try. After so long, some employees may just want to try something new in their lives, or they come across something that you just can’t match no matter how hard you try. This shouldn’t be viewed negatively – this stuff happens all the time – but if you make these changes to your company that we’ve outlined then you should at least see your turnover start to drop.

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