Eight hours sat working at a desk can be a real drain on the body. You may not be doing anything strenuous, but spending that much time sitting there staring at a screen can be tiring and leave you needing sustenance to make it through the rest of the day.

That’s when snacking comes into play.

More often than not, when employees choose something to snack on, they go for something that isn’t too healthy to give their bodies a quick rush of sugar. While a chocolate bar or fizzy drink may give them a spike of energy, it will also lead them to crash shortly after. You don’t want your employees to be unproductive during the final hours of the workday, but if they’re not filling their bodies with the right stuff then this is what’s likely to happen.

We’ve looked before at good foods for employees to snack on at their desk that are beneficial to productivity, but today we want to focus on why staff should be encouraged to eat fruit during office hours.

As it stands, 80% of employers offer up sugar-based snacks during meetings, while a third of them provide this food to celebrate good work in the office. This is according to research by the trade body British Summer Fruits (BSF) who questioned 2,000 employees in the UK and found that on the whole they’d all prefer healthier foods to be on offer at their place of work. Their reasoning for this ranged from improved mood to increased productivity and reduced stress levels.

Having fresh fruit on offer in the workplace, particularly during meetings, will inspire employees to be healthier when they’re on the job because it saves them the effort of going out to get their own food. A third of those involved in BSF’s research admitted that they only eat the food provided in meetings because it’s in front of them, rather than because they really want it. If these snacks were all changed to fruit then the employees that just eat mindlessly at work would at least be putting something good into their body.

“Enlightened companies are seeing that introducing fresh fruit into the workplace, such as a punnet of berries for breakfast or for snacking on during meetings, leads to improved concentration, productivity, and a reduction in health problems and work absences,” says corporate nutritionist Kate Cook. “In my experience, the companies that have the lowest staff turnover are the ones that really invest in their staff wellbeing, particularly giving them access to great food choices.”

Bringing fruit into the workplace is a very simple and cost-effective method of improving employee health and helping them get through the day with a buzz of natural energy. Employees should be free to go out and buy their own snacks if they wish, but by making fruit the primary food available in the office, the staff members who don’t want to go to any effort to get a snack will resort to this healthier option. The more people in the workplace who eat fruit, the more likely other people will start to pick it up and follow the trend.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor as he continues to expand his horizons.
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