Eco-friendly design and employee wellbeing are arguably the two most talked-about facets of office design in the modern working world, and for good reason; countless studies have highlighted the substantial benefits that can be garnered by showing a little more regard for your workforce, and environmental issues are a hot topic in pretty much all circles. That is why it is always encouraging when news emerges of a company which has endeavoured to excel in these areas, as is the case with a new office building in Northamptonshire which has been awarded both carbon-neutral and Passivhaus status.

Img: Leaf Architecture
The building in question is the brand new headquarters of leading mechanical and electrical engineering consultancy Building Services Design (BSD), based within the North Kettering Business Park. Constructed of a timber frame and providing 4,500 sq ft of usable space, the building was designed by Leicester-based architectural firm Leaf Architecture to embody the utmost in energy efficient and eco-friendly design. Faber Design & Architecture were responsible for ensuring that these same considerations carried over into the design of the building’s interior spaces, culminating in a space which puts the wellbeing of both the workforce and the environment first.

The offices incorporate features such as stand-up desks, long considered to improve employee performance, as well as pool tables for relaxation during breaks and even bat boxes in order to better support the local wildlife. However even with the carbon-neutral status of the new building, a Passivhaus status can be difficult to attain; these buildings must display the pinnacle of eco-friendly credentials, which the new BSD HQ achieves via a combination of high-performance glazing, superior insulation, and an airtight building envelope. The offices also incorporate LED lighting and rooftop solar panels, and possess an EPC rating of A+.

All-in-all, the new hyper-efficient building is expected reduce BSD’s annual running costs by as much as 60%, making it well worth the additional investment required to attain this dual-accreditation.

David White, director at BSD, said of the company’s new premises, “We wanted to create a building that showcased what we do in the industry so were prepared to make an investment to attain Passivhaus and carbon neutral status. We have gone above and beyond to achieve these energy efficient building standards because we recognise the benefits – both for the environment and for the staff wellbeing. The whole feel of the office is fantastic – it has exceeded expectations for me and for all of our staff.”

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