Flexible working and hot-desking arrangements, whereby employees are free to locate themselves wherever they wish to work rather than being assigned a specific workspace, have been steadily growing in popularity over recent years. We’ve discussed the ups and downs of such arrangements in the past, so I will bypass that argument here and instead discuss an intuitive app from Scottish interior design specialists Amos Beech which simplifies and streamlines the whole process in a rather elegant manner.

The iOt Space App is described on the official website as “a workspace reservation solution to manage flexible workspace environments”, and allows for workspaces within such offices to be easily managed via the use of a simple colour-coded system which enables employees to locate and/or reserve available workstations, reducing time wasted and thereby improving efficiency in the process.

The app draws its name from the “Internet of Things”, a decades-old concept more thoroughly put into practice in recent years in which just about everything is connected via the use of wireless technology, and I mean everything; the principle extends from standard devices to vehicles to entire buildings, all though of course the functionality offered by the app is decidedly more focused, drawing the line at the workspaces themselves.

Using the app employees can easily seek out or reserve available workspaces, with available areas marked in green, reserved spaces marked in blue and occupied spaces shown in red. In the case of reservations and/or occupation by another individual the app will also display the times at which the workspace is unavailable.

Better yet, as the ideal scenario would see all employees within a given company making use of the app (it doesn’t really work if only a couple people bother), you can also easily locate your colleagues as occupied workspaces will show exactly who they are occupied by, further saving on time should you need to consult or collaborate with other employees.

On top of cutting down on the amount of time wasted throughout the day, Amos Beech assert that proper use of the app will result in reduced heating and cleaning costs for the employers, increased staff productivity, and improved efficiency and wellbeing.

Features listed on the official website are as follows:
  • Finding and booking workspaces
  • Search colleagues
  • Privacy: only share what you want to share, data deleted after 23:59h
  • LED badges easily identified by different colours
  • Support team assistance
Sam James, sales manager at Amos Beech, said of the app’s recent UK release, “We are very excited to introduce this new working space app into the UK market and it is aimed at helping people plan their working day more effectively and efficiently.

“This is a great cost-effective system, which is not only simple for employees to use but it also encourages collaboration at hot desks and can reduce employers' heating, power and cleaning bills. It also reduces floor space for companies in cities where space is at a premium so firms will save money as less space is used.”

Sam Bonson

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