The people behind Slack, the go-to instant messaging app for the workplace, have released images of their first UK office, located in the booming capital of London.

Img: Slack
Occupying the top two floors of the old BBC Radio 1 broadcasting building on Great Portland Street, the office oozes a sleek, modern vibe with its monochromatic colour scheme and minimalist design.

Slack’s desire for their new space – which spans 540m2 – was for it appear “mature and timeless”, something that is certainly achieved through the smart use of black, white and grey. Their utilisation of light and shade definitely helps to create an atmosphere, with some parts of the building giving off a more futuristic look due to the lack of lighting.

“This is a space of contrasts,” said ODOS Architects, the team behind Slack’s new design. In reference to designing one of the office’s corridors to be dark aside from the presence of harsh strip lighting, they said:

“An all-black and highly reflective gallery space with perimeter light bands serves to create a space with a somewhat otherworldly quality and one which contrasts and compliments the brighter spaces at either end.”

Despite the heavy use of black and grey, the workspaces are anything but dark with the use of plant-life hanging from the ceiling and skylights prominent around the perimeter. The former adds a splash of colour to the office and improves the working conditions, while the latter offers employees clear views of the impressive surroundings and a healthy dose of natural light.

The architects said their reasoning for the frequency of windows was because they wanted to “extend the view of the London rooftop horizon” and “capture the movement of passing clouds, planes and the city’s birdlife”. It’s all in an effort to “create inspiring workspaces and opportunities for social interaction”.

Img: Slack
The skylights and other windows in the building are all fitted with seating nooks that give employees somewhere they can relax their minds for five minutes as they stare outside, or alternatively provide a peaceful place for socialisation with co-workers. This is extended to other parts of the office where a variety of seating options give employees a spot to take a break, and even to outside where large sliding glass doors lead out onto a rooftop patio area.

Slack’s London office is one of seven around the world, with other locations including San Francisco, Melbourne and Vancouver, and has the potential for more as their instant messaging app continues to thrive. It’s the second European city they’ve established themselves in following their set-up in Dublin two years ago, although the approach taken to that office was a lot less focused on being modern as their latest design is.

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