Love it or hate it, we live in a very image-conscious world in which aesthetics are seen as a matter of great importance. Thankfully I refer here not to the ongoing heated debate concerning how the appearance of individuals may affect their working prospects, but rather the visual attributes of the spaces in which we perform said work. With photo sharing services and apps such as Instagram continuing to grow in popularity, designing eye-catching spaces which lend themselves to sharing on such platforms could actually be more beneficial than you may realise.

Increased exposure is a marketers dream, and that is exactly what apps like Instagram provide in droves. By designing your lobby, waiting areas and any other publicly-accessible areas within your office in such a way as to create a visually appealing aesthetic that also stays true to your brand, you can encourage your visitors, clients and even your own workforce to do much of this legwork for you by sharing geo-tagged photos of such areas online. If these images should appear on accounts with high follower counts, celebrity accounts being the most prominent example of this, the viral nature of these platforms could result in vast numbers settling their gaze upon your offices, building brand recognition in the process.

As a result of being held up online as a prominent example of appealing design, the public perception of your company as a whole is sure to improve.

If you would rather not rely upon others to do the sharing, establishing a company account can be a great way to connect and interact with your client base. Attractive imagery will encourage visitors to follow your page, and from there it can serve as an excellent way of promoting your brand, new products, offers, or general company news, thereby increasing the usefulness of the platform by a considerable degree. As companies are now beginning to realise this, a high follower count online may also encourage other companies to do business with you as they expect to be able to capitalise on this in-built audience in the process.

So, what are the main points of consideration when attempting to create an Instagram-friendly office environment with viral potential?

Good Lighting

As any photographer worth their salt will tell you, decent lighting is crucial when seeking that perfect snap. Dim lighting may make photographs appear grainy, and so providing an abundance of light, preferably natural, will do a lot in terms of boosting the photogenic properties of the space. Large windows and skylights will serve this purpose well, with individually-controlled LED lighting systems providing the ideal solution when sunlight fades.


The astounding success of popular Instagram pages such as @ihavethisthingwithfloors and @parisianfloors, to name just a couple, is testament to the fact that flooring has a surprising potential to make any space go viral. Intricate patterns and cohesive designs will draw the eye and encourage visitors to take a photo, and with footwear being one of the most-commonly photographed items of clothing on the platform, Instagrammers are always on the look for a complimentary colour or design scheme. Tiled floors in particular seem to be the most popular choice when seeking viral status, likely due to the added flexibility they allow designers as compared to swathes of monochromatic carpets and the like.

Graphics, Artwork & Wallpaper

Considering that the walls will form the backdrop for the vast majority of photos taken on the premises, design in this aspect can go a long way. Nothing adds an element of tasteful flare to a space like a well-designed graphic or mural, although do take care to ensure that any artwork present in some way compliments or ties in with the brand as a whole. Creative imagery is likely to be shared online by visitors as they pop in and out of the building, and by contracting local artists with an established online presence you can accentuate this effect even further. Be sure to make good use of colour to avoid leaving the space looking bland, unimaginative or incomplete.

While it is true that many of the aforementioned benefits are more prominent in social environments such as cafes, restaurants and bars, photo sharing is still a worthwhile consideration when designing any space to which the public will be allowed access. Increased exposure and brand awareness, if handled right, will only serve to help your business in the long run.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor as he continues to expand his horizons.
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