US software manufacturers Adobe have released pictures of their brand new office on London’s “Silicon Roundabout”. The company, which has offices across six continents, has taken residence on the 7th, 8th and 13th floors of the White Collar Factory.

Img: Adobe
Adobe’s new office combines a colourful aesthetic with exposed pipework and unpainted walls to create a unique and industrial feel to the place.

The area is largely open plan with different parts of the office separated by new colour schemes or shifts in floor pattern as opposed to physical divides. Adobe want their employees to work in a space that suits them best, whether that’s sat at a desk computer or focusing their efforts on laptops in a quiet corner of the room.

Their new space definitely offers variety with the availability of seating options being incredibly diverse. Corner sofas designed with a comfort-first approach comfort fill the centre of the room and emanate a casual vibe that’s suitable for employees looking for a short break from their work. A gaming area with access to various different consoles also provides an optimal place for taking a longer break.

Elsewhere, there are stools, armchairs and sofas that all boast their own eye catching palette and provide a small space for individuals to either work alone or with others.

Img: Adobe
For employees looking for some one-to-one time, there are small booths arranged around the office that are ideal for meetings or taking phone calls. These sections don’t offer the best privacy, but they remove people from the distractions of the rest of the workplace. There are more conventional meeting rooms across the several floors that Adobe inhabits, as well as a special meeting room that has a table tennis table as its central focus.

Thanks to the open plan design, natural light is utilised throughout the space via the tall windows that surround the outer walls of the building. The colourful nature of the office means this works well to brighten up the room even more and produce a vibrant and creative atmosphere.

The office is finished off with access to a grassy area up on the roof which provides somewhere to relax during the sunny days of summer. The plot is surrounded by a running track that allows for a quick lap or two to get the blood pumping and let off some excess energy after sitting in the office for several hours.

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