Making the most out of your office space is highly important when designing a workplace. If a space is used in the best way possible, functionality and productivity of the space and employees will be at its prime. Here are some space-saving tips to help you make the most out of your office:

Pathways are important

Ensure the space isn’t over-cluttered, as accidents can happen. When designing an office space, analyse pathways and determine whether the flow is right, if they’re big enough for everyone’s use and if they’re safe.
A way to manage pathways and floor-space effectively is to be picky with furniture – go for vertical shelving instead of lower, wider alternatives to make the most of the little floor-space used.

However, be careful with high shelving units in terms of health and safety – attaching tall furniture to the wall securely will minimise the risk of anything falling off. Alongside this, safe dedicated steps/ladders should also be provided as unsafe make-shift steps (e.g. wheeled chairs or unstable side tables) bring huge health and safety risks.

Smart tech accessories

Following on from furniture, using smart accessories alongside can help you make the most of it. For example, mounting monitors on moving arms as opposed to having them on top of the desk maximises desk space for paper, notes, extra devices etc.

As we’ve mentioned previously, attaching baskets or containers under desks for extension leads and wires can also minimize clutter from tangled cables and therefore create more space.

This one goes without saying; in contemporary society with technology taking over our lives, it only makes sense to go paperless, or at least cut down on paper in the office. As well as reducing waste and boosting convenience, it’ll cut down on need for bulky filing storage and cabinets. What was once a large filing room filled with aisles of paperwork can now be used as a productive space, like a meeting room or study area, which can be used more regularly and aid employees in succeeding in their job.

Shared work environments

Having shared work spaces are extremely popular in modern offices, and this not only allows for collaboration between employees, but it’s a great space-saving approach too. Mixing in all members of the company – including managers – can really boost morale and be effective, however having spaces for privacy alongside shared spaces is also advised for confidential matters and to suit all workers’ preferences. 

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