The New York headquarters for Nike has been unveiled and it continues the trend of using greenery for inventive office design.

Up on the roof, the floor has been emblazoned with sedum plants in the shape of the brand’s signature Swoosh logo. The design, which is clear to see from up in the Empire State Building, shows the commitment that more and more companies now have to combining the urban workspace with nature, whether that’s prompting employees to embrace the outdoors during their breaks or incorporating plant life into the office interior.

This is not the only trend that Nike’s new HQ is following, with its design reminiscent of offices like Google where creativity sits at the forefront of the open-space style. While older designs used to focus on increasing productivity through structured offices, the main aim of contemporary workspaces is to increase employee satisfaction to ensure that they’re inspired to get the job done. Generally, this is achieved through the implementation of cutting-edge design and spaces intended for promoting fun in the office environment.

Nike’s new headquarters has been fitted with a 4,000 square foot basketball court built for use by employees as well as the local community, with Brooklyn-based artist Kaws adding a touch of originality to the space with his signature motif painted across it. Understandably, the sports theme is prominent throughout the HQ as bleacher-style stairs and seating decorate the interior alongside a truck offering “grab-and-go” food. The entrance to the office is formed by a tunnel that recreates the feeling of athletes entering a stadium.

Collaborative efforts can be held in a variety of settings, from the open-air rooftop terraces to the Volkswagen van installed on the third floor, allowing the company’s 180 employees to be more selective in where they work together and to put more control in their hands. Employees are able to breathe life into their work thanks this freedom to go where they want and embrace a different environment in the office with every new idea they have.

The Nike New York headquarters can be found on 855 Avenue of the Americas.

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