As technology continues to advance and in the process make some pretty substantial changes to the way in which many things are done, other aspects of modern life must adjust to suit. You see evidence of this wherever you go, whether that be in the form of charge points for electric cars, which are now becoming increasingly common, or even little things such as constant adverts for Wi-Fi in bars and cafes or the strange need for everything and everything to connect to the internet.

One rising technology which is sure to make a substantial impact in the long run is the use of drones for making deliveries, a service which Amazon are currently trialling. The first of these deliveries were in fact made earlier this year, although the service is currently only available in rural areas as restrictions remain in place regarding the flying of drones over built-up areas. As the technology is further refined however these restrictions are expected to lessen.

As the use of drones begins to spread across urban locations, provisions will have to be made in order to facilitate them. This is the thinking which has inspired the developers responsible for the Aurora Building, a brand new office block located in the centre of Bristol, to incorporate into their design the very first rooftop drone landing pad in Britain.

Amazon have themselves stated their confidence that drone deliveries will become the norm for many people, so long as they have a secure area in which they can land, so the addition does seem to make a lot of sense. It would allow workers to get smaller packages delivered directly to the office without experiencing the typical delays caused by traffic and road works. For businesses which rely on receiving such deliveries often, it could save a substantial amount of both time and money.

A spokesman for Cubex, the development firm regenerating the area of Finzel’s Reach in which the Aurora Building is located, commented, “The building is under construction and is the only speculative office building in Bristol.

“The initiative is a further progression of the companies’ drive to create technology enabled buildings, being at the forefront of the adapting nature that buildings need to be for the modern day occupier.”

Cubex’s Gavin Bridge spoke of how the concepts being implemented at the Aurora Building tie in to the developer’s larger plan for the future. He stated, “Aurora will further add to Cubex’s track record in developing buildings that are ‘ahead of the curve’ of what the market requires, by delivering the only building outside of London to a BREEAM Outstanding level in what will be the best building in Bristol once finished.

“We are continuing to work to explore further technology to ensure that the building will keep performing for occupiers in the years following their investment.”

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor in an attempt to expand his horizons.
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