Everyone has those work-days: bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived struggling through the day when where they really want to be is surrounded by a duvet, asleep. Many people have trouble getting the right amount of sleep due to stress or generally being a light-sleeper – or the occasional slightly-too-late night at the pub may be to blame.

The Statistics

Being tired at work isn’t great for our productivity, with a study from Willis Towers Watson (WTW) revealing that 66% of 1,123 UK workers claim tiredness negatively affects their productivity at work.

36% also said that they struggle to get a good night’s sleep, pointing the blame at their job. Of these, 55% say they can’t sleep as they struggle to wind down after a stressful work day, and 35% work into the night, sacrificing sleep- more on struggling to ‘switch off’ after clocking out here.

Ways to Beat Fatigue

If you’re having a day where you’re struggling to keep your eyes open at your desk, there are some ways to raise those low productivity levels.
  • Office facilities: Some offices have introduced 'Sleep Pods’ which actually allow employees to take up to 20 minute naps in their breaks in a bid to recharge energy and therefore boost productivity.
  • Get active: The phrase “Sitting is the new smoking” has been floating around the corporate world for a while now, with potential health risks from a sedentary life becoming apparent. Try taking the stairs instead of the lift, add exercise into your commute or even work standing up for a portion of the day – all of these things will reduce the risk of you getting into a work slump, increasing your tiredness. Exercising outdoors (e.g. walking to/from work or on your break) will also give you some fresh air, giving more oxygen to the brain and therefore reducing fatigue.
  • Use your senses: listening to music and varying the volume can increase focus, stimulating the brain to concentrate on hearing lyrics - listening to your favourite song may also lift your spirits and get your foot-tapping under your desk, which may wake you up. Smells are also said to increase focus; smelling rosemary, coffee and peppermint are known to reduce fatigue.
  • Chew gum: The act of continuously chewing increases blood flow to the head, which is likely to wake you up. If you’re feeling really ‘need-to-keep-my-eyes-open-with-cocktail-sticks tired’, try this with ice, as the effect will be the same but with the added cold temperature, keeping the brain awake. 

Laura Sewell

An aspiring journalist, Laura is our Content Writer.  Pop-punk gig-goer and drag queen enthusiast, Laura is working her way into the industry with a love of writing about anything and everything in tow.
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