After reporting a 650% increase in takeaway orders last year, Deliveroo have now set about expanding their company with a new head office in the City of London.

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Set up on Cannon Street, the 55,000 sq. ft. office resides on one floor of the River Building with space for 300 additional engineers. They already have 600 employees working there.

The design of Deliveroo’s London HQ blends a variety of styles throughout the available space, contrasting minimalism against a striking mix of colours. The entrance to the office reflects the building’s rich history as a part of Cannon Street station by retaining the high, curved ceiling and exposed brickwork, with modern touches implemented to bring the design into the 21st century.

One section of the office sits under a glass ceiling that brings natural light into the working environment as employees sit at their desk. Over in the dining area, this natural light is utilised in the expanse of windows that stretches along the curved outer wall. From here, employees are able to look out onto the Thames while enjoying their own food or drinking something from the Nespresso machines in the Caffeine Bar. They can even enjoy a game of pool on their lunch break.

Seating in the River Building is extremely diverse, from ergonomic desk chairs in the working area to swing chairs in one corner of the dining area. There are hanging pods in the designated quiet zones where employees can take some time to relax by themselves or with others whenever they need a quick break.

Img: Deliveroo
Deliveroo show off more of a quirky side with their twenty seven meeting rooms named after various foods, and their individual ‘phone booths’ that provide a more secluded spot for people to organise their thoughts if the stress or noise of work becomes too much. The combination of vibrant colours in these ‘phone booths’ creates a very groovy atmosphere and makes them one of the most striking elements of the company’s new office, especially against the grey and beige colour scheme used in most of the building.

The most eye-catching feature of the office, though, is the centrepiece – the Deliveroo court. Set at the heart of the company’s workstation hub, this space is intended for larger team meetings with two lines of sofas set along the sides of a bright blue centre court. Although no sports will take place here, the design boosts the idea of team spirit and aims to create a sense of competition through the back and forth exchange of ideas.

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