If you’ve read the title and pictured employees running into each other, getting into arguments and bumping heads, I don’t blame you. That’s what springs to my mind when I – and I imagine many others – visualise the word ‘collision’. However, in this instance workplace collisions are actually the opposite; we use the word ‘collisions’ as the instances where workers come into contact with one another, providing opportunity to communicate, collaborate and build healthy professional connections. 

A connected and creative workforce is a successful one, with research showing that companies who successfully connect and engage employees yield almost 150% higher earnings per share compared to less-connected peers.

Working at the same desk, surrounded by the same people and view can be draining on your creativity and motivation – therefore decreasing productivity. The potential loss of productivity is why many offices are providing innovative workspaces with collaboration in mind with well-designed communal spaces and techniques such as hot-desking, allowing a change of scenery, views and input from others.

If you feel there is little collaboration in your office, there are ways to boost the amount of serendipitous collisions in the workplace through office space design and team-building strategies.

Offer Choice

An office space which offers employees a choice in work station is always going to be full of happy, productive employees. While a dedicated desk is nice and a place to set up camp for the day, the option of lounges for more relaxed working, or booths for more focused independent working is always beneficial. This freedom and choice given to employees allows workers to adapt to their mood, requirements and work preferences day-to-day, becoming a recipe for optimum productivity.

These co-working spaces will boost workplace collisions as a different mix of employees may gather in a space each day, providing different outlooks and ideas and ultimately offering a refreshing work environment away from a set desk.

If Space Allows…

Depending on how big an office is, it’s a good idea to make use to places you wouldn’t think of when looking to boost collisions. Transform a dull walkway into a space where people can stop and talk on chairs as a way to have an informal meeting.

Perhaps provide artwork or graphics as inspirational talking points, which may then prompt connections and collaborations to grow.

Make kitchen areas and bathrooms a bit of a walk away from stationary desks for most employees; to not only promote increased step-counts but to allow opportunity for collisions in hallways etc. Casual and polite conversation to a passer-by could lead to productivity and collaborative working.

Host Events

Work events can be daunting and can put employees in an unfamiliar social setting with peers. However, events such as conferences, conventions and staff parties are the best way to allow employees to mix, collaborate, and in some situations, meet potential clients or co-workers from other companies.

Training programmes are also great to bring employees together, as well as creating a sense of development and self-progression amongst the team.

So, take a look at the office you work in; is the design and facilities within it providing opportunity for employee collisions? Boosting employee communication and collaboration is only ever a good thing for individuals as well as the entire office.

Laura Sewell

An aspiring journalist, Laura is our Content Writer.  Pop-punk gig-goer and drag queen enthusiast, Laura is working her way into the industry with a love of writing about anything and everything in tow.
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