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After first announcing it back in 2014, Amazon have finally unveiled their brand new UK office at Principal Place on the border between Shoreditch and the City of London.

Established to support the growth of Amazon’s Prime Video service, the new office will combine with others in Holborn and Barbican to add another 5000 employees to the company by the end of the year. A part of this is in thanks to the full 600,000 sq. ft. of the Shoreditch building now being utilised as opposed to the 431,000 sq. ft. that was originally going to be used. According to Amazon, this change is the result of their continued interest and influence in the UK.

The building has bypassed the swimming pool and basketball/tennis courts that were in the initial plans for more of a basic look characterised by open space and a pastel brown colour scheme. Tall windows and glass partitions allow natural light to fill the office where employees have the option to use adjustable seated or standing desks depending on how they work best. For those who prefer the former, there’s an extensive range of seating available which emphasise comfort just as much as style.

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This style is carried into the kitchenettes featured around the building that offer somewhere ideal for the brewing of a wide variety of hot (or iced) drinks. Sleek worktops in these parts of the building provide employees with a place to make their own meals if they don’t wish to eat at any of the establishments in the area.

Up on the roof there’s an array of lush greenery that offers a suitable space for both relaxation and discussion. Having somewhere outdoors for people to use is vital for any office building because it helps employees to be happier, healthier and more focused on their work. This is why Amazon’s new office has two separate sections to enjoy the sunlight and the splash of colour that all the plant life offers.

A portion of the building is also devoted to the public with 20,000 sq. ft. set aside for retail and dining functions alongside half an acre available as an area for events. The space aims to celebrate the heritage and culture of Shoreditch through the rotation of work by local artists.

Amazon have confirmed that a number of staff had already moved into the building prior to Wednesday’s office launch party that marked the building’s official opening.

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