The office party is a tradition that comes with a lot of baggage. For employees, the idea of being able to let loose and have fun in the workplace sounds like a dream, but the same can’t be said for employers. No-one wants to see their office turned into a warzone, after all.

Despite their bad reputation though, these parties can come with a lot of benefits for everyone involved. Here are a few ways in which office parties can actually be good for your company.

Showcasing Potential Talent

Depending on how big a party you’re planning on throwing, there can be a lot of planning involved, from decorating to stocking up on supplies. Allowing your employees to take control of the organising can give you the perfect opportunity to discover excellent leadership qualities that you may not have noticed before. This could prove beneficial in the future if you ever find yourself in need of filling a managerial position.

Having employees working together as an organising committee is also a great team building exercise, especially if a lot of work in the office is done independently. Employees who don’t have any reason to interact with one another professionally may struggle to become involved in the team dynamic, so using a party as a way of building bridges can be really effective.

Celebrating Accomplishments

Office parties don’t have to be restricted to just holidays and leaving dos. Why not acknowledge a big accomplishment or milestone for the business and use that as an excuse to celebrate? Focus on achievements that were made mostly due to your staff to show them how much they’re valued, and to give them a sense of pride in their work. This can be important for boosting relations between employer and employee because it shows a level of recognition that bosses don’t always give to their workers.

Smaller celebrations for events like birthdays and weddings can also be an excellent way of showing a personal interest in your employees’ lives. Doing things together as an office doesn’t always have to end up in a big blowout, a simple drink out can be just as effective. Plus, anything that celebrates them or their work is great for boosting morale in the team.

Huge Motivational Boost

When you get into a routine where every day of work is similar to the last, it can start to get pretty boring; no matter how much you love your job. Being motivated is key to productivity and without it your work can start to suffer. In worst-case scenarios, this can leave you at risk of being fired.

It’s important to employers to know that all of their staff are working as hard as possible, but also that they’re happy and fulfilled in their jobs. Office parties are a great way of spicing things up and giving employees something to look forward to that will break them out of the repetitive cycle they’ve fallen into. When they come into work the following week, they’re sure to be feeling a great deal more refreshed and motivated.

All of these factors are important to take into consideration when contemplating an office party. Everyone wants to work at a company with plenty of incentives, and having opportunities to take a break and celebrate with colleagues every now and then is sure to keep them motivated.

Just be sure to take things into consideration beforehand. The reason that office parties have developed a bad name is mostly down to one thing – alcohol.

While it does have its advantages, the reduction of inhibitions and judgement can have serious consequences after one too many glasses of champagne. Arguments, fist fights and sexual flirtations are all common occurrences when too much alcohol has been consumed, none of which are appropriate for a party with work colleagues. What’s more, if the party is held within the office itself as opposed to a separate venue, there is the risk of property being damaged if people start to get a bit too rowdy.

This is a little on the extreme side, but it’s certainly something to take note of.

Having alcohol at a party does not mean your employees are going to become drunk and disorderly, plus there are plenty of ways to work around it to ensure that everyone stays civilised. Limit the amount of alcohol available at the party, for example, or make sure you’re stocked up with plenty of food to slow down some of its effects.

Whatever you decide is the best course of action, it shouldn’t interfere in your decision to throw a party. The celebratory atmosphere can greatly improve motivation and spirit in the office and help it become a much more enjoyable place for everyone to work in.

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