There are countless potentially frustrating aspects to our daily working lives, whether that comes in the form of demanding clients, unpleasant co-workers, lacklustre technology or a distinct lack of privacy. Which of the aforementioned you experience depends entirely upon your working environment, but there is one factor which is apparently causing frustration for workers across multiple fields - temperature.

This is according to new research conducted by heating specialists Emo Oil, in which they surveyed 1,371 UK adults in full or part-time employment in order to ascertain their biggest bugbear with their daily working lives.

The survey revealed that a staggering 47% of UK office workers cite differences over the office temperature to be the main source of workplace frustration. 57% of those consider their office to be too hot, whilst 43% say their office is overly cold.

Approximately two-thirds of respondents (63%) asserted that the temperature does in fact affect their productivity throughout the day, a fact which is backed up by various scientific studies and may be costing employers a fortune in wasted time and lost efficiency. To further add to this issue, 32% of respondents admitted that disagreements over the office temperature regularly lead to arguments in the workplace.

The annoyance caused by temperatures either too high or too low led to 17% of respondents requesting that their manager allow them to work from home, demonstrating how truly unbearable the situation can become.

Suzanne Waddell, marketing manager at Emo Oil, said of the survey and its results, “It’s surprising to see that the office temperature is such a point of contention in UK workplaces.

“It seems here in the UK, we just can’t agree on acceptable temperatures, so much so that it is leading to dips in productivity and rows amongst colleagues at work. We recommend an impartial member of staff - such as someone in facilities - regularly reviews the office temperature according to the outside temperature.”

The survey further revealed that offices within the information and communications sector tend to carry the most excess heat, while those in facilities management are left to battle the bitterest cold the UK workplace has to offer.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor in an attempt to expand his horizons.
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