Life for those with visual difficulties is filled with many potential hurdles and challenges that are often easily overlooked by those with no personal experience of such issues. Whether they be colour-blind, visually impaired, legally or totally blind, it is important to accommodate for the needs of such individuals if they and your business are to succeed.

One company making significant headway in this regard is engineering consultancy firm KWSP, who recently unveiled the initial design for their new, low-cost desktop braille printer.

An example of the braille print expected to be produced   - Img: KWSP
The new device, bearing the moniker of, will reportedly allow companies access to low-cost braille printing on demand within their own offices. This represents a significant step-up from current braille embossing technologies, will are both more expensive and more time-consuming; KWSP themselves describe such techniques as “analogue, inflexible and not on-demand to users”.

The firm received backing from the EU research programme Horizon 2020 SME Instrument in order to facilitate the design and production of the new printer, on which work is already well underway at KWSP’s UK facility, located in Brackley, Northamptonshire. The first pre-production printer is expected to be completed before the year’s end.

KWSP Managing Director Kieron Salter said of the project, “I believe engineers have a social responsibility – this project is a great example of how engineering can use current and future technology to improve quality of life.”

Working alongside KWSP on the creation of the new printer are the Hungarian-based Central European Research Centre (CERC) and digital printing specialists Alchemie Technology. Sub-contractors on the project include the charitable foundation INFOALAP and Hungarian product design consultancy Co&Co.

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