Wanting to make a good impression at your job is a given, but there can be such a thing as working too hard. If you don’t take the right steps to ensure that you’re taking care of yourself then you can end up burning out. In order to avoid that, there’s plenty you can do in and out of work to ensure you’re staying productive while still retaining a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.

Become a Social Butterfly

Socialising at work might not seem like something that should be promoted, but it’s actually hugely important for boosting morale and productivity in the office. An exchange of knowledge and expertise when communicating with colleagues is always helpful, especially if it lessens the stress you might be feeling about your workload.

This doesn’t need to be restricted to just lunch breaks and employers should actively encourage breaks if it helps their employees bond and keeps them motivated. Concentration can only be kept up for so long and a lack of breaks can leave your brain stressed and exhausted which will definitely hinder your ability to work. Taking a few minutes out every so often to converse with those around you is a great way to distract your brain for a little while and let you come back to the task at hand with more enthusiasm. Just make sure that you’re not distracting anyone, obviously.

Get Some Sleep

When you wake up in the morning it can often feel like you haven’t had enough sleep. After all, who wants to leave the comfort of their bed to go to work?

It’s important to make sure that you are getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep a night though, because it can have far-reaching implications for your health, including obesity and diabetes. Also, if you’re deprived of sleep then you’ll struggle to retain your focus at work which prevents you from being productive. The increased irritability might even lead to you being confrontational with someone that you definitely shouldn’t. Your boss, for instance.

Go to bed a little earlier at night so that you wake up feeling more refreshed and don’t have so much temptation to sleep in. It might seem like a good idea to fill up on coffee if you didn’t get as many hours in bed as you wanted, but be careful. If you drink too much at once, the spike in energy it gives you will only last for so long and you’ll be left with a crash that’s guaranteed to reduce your productivity.

Keep active

When you work an office job, it can be difficult to get much in the way of exercise because you spend so much of your time sat behind a desk. Not everyone is motivated to go the gym, particularly if you’re working an eight hour shift, but without some form of regular movement you can end up feeling lethargic and lacking the energy to get your work done.

There are plenty of great ways to keep active during the day, from leaving the office during your lunch break to using the kitchen and bathroom regularly to stretch your legs. Finding opportunities to move your body can only prove to be beneficial as it works toward the goal of keeping you energised and motivated for work. The more energy you have, the better your mood and the easier it will be to deal with any difficulties you face as part of the job.

Take a Moment for Yourself

Sometimes work can get to be too much. You’ve got so much on your plate and not enough time to do it in, but you’re so stressed out by it all that you can’t focus and the problem gets worse. It’s definitely not the most ideal situation, particularly if you find the environment around you to be too distracting.

At times like this, taking a step back and finding a quiet space might sound like a ridiculous idea, but it’s the best way to collect your thoughts together and prevent a breakdown. Once you’ve had a moment to yourself, try and find somewhere to work that doesn’t offer any distractions if possible. For offices that don’t have a designated quiet space, you can always put in your headphones to block out any noise, or ask your colleagues to try and keep any conversation away from you so that you can focus.

Eat Healthily

Everywhere you look there’s people telling you to eat better and be healthy, and as intrusive as it can feel, they do have a point. Research has shown that food has a direct impact on cognitive performance because it’s converted into glucose when consumed, and this is what gives brains the energy to stay alert. It’s advised to have more snacks throughout the day as opposed to big meals as this would sustain your energy and prevent you from suffering a drop.

It’s important to try and eat healthily because the better the food that you put in your body, the better your body will feel. If you eat too much junk food, you can become fatigued and lack the energy required to get work done. Being in an office can make it difficult to be healthy due to the sedentary nature of the job, as well as the easy accessibility of bad food, but it’ll benefit you to try and combat this. While it’s okay to enjoy everything in moderation, it’s best to be conscious of what you eat to avoid it impacting your ability to work.

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