When thinking of sturdy materials from which to construct an 11-storey tower, wood probably isn’t the first material to spring to mind. Well for the first time ever in America, that is exactly what is being used in the construction of a new high-rise office block called Framework.

The Framework Building     - Img: Lever Architecture
The Framework building, which will be located in the city of Portland, Oregon, will be constructed using a technology known as cross-laminated timber, or CLT. CLT is considered to be a significant milestone for wood technology, with rigorous testing showing that the material is capable of withstanding even large-scale earthquakes; not bad for a humble bit of tree.

State officials are hoping that the use of such technology in the construction of the Framework building may help to boost the dwindling timber industry in the area.

The developers from Lever Architecture worked alongside teams of scientists from Portland State University and Oregon State University to ensure that all materials used meet all applicable building and fire safety codes, so no need to worry about all that timber suddenly going up in flames or crashing down, no more so than any other more-traditional building anyway.

The building will be home to the offices of Albina Community Bank and its parent company, Beneficial State Bank. It will also include a number of subsidized apartments.

Additional details on the newly-approved development are scarce at present, but we will try to keep you updated of any revelations.

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