San Jose looks set to get a bit of a makeover in the next few years after Google announced plans for a brand new tech village in the California city’s downtown area.

The mixed-use development plans to incorporate office and research buildings with retail amenities in a location just fifteen miles from Googleplex, the company’s corporate headquarters in Mountain View, Santa Clara. The Initial proposal was looking to build over a span of 6 million square feet, however new reports indicate that Google are now hoping to increase this to 8 million. With the Googleplex currently covering a space of 2 million square feet, the San Jose site would be the company’s biggest development yet.

It’s set to be built in the most popular part of the downtown area right next to the Diridon Station and the SAP Center, the city’s premier spot for hockey.  Much of the proposed land for the development consists of parking space currently utilised by the SAP Center, although staff plan on working in collaboration with the indoor arena to ensure a reasonable middle ground is reached. The city is hoping to develop a shared parking infrastructure that will satisfy the needs of both establishments.

The San Jose council is said to fully support Google in their proposals for the new development, especially as it would work well with the city’s own plan to maximise the transit links in and out of the local train station. The potential to upgrade transport connections, combined with Google’s new complex, would increase commuters to the area by a hefty margin.

The move could also be hugely beneficial to the city’s office market and provide a great deal more employment opportunities for skilled technology workers. Google are expecting the development to provide up to 20,000 jobs, however there are fears that some of the local business owners who already live in the proposed development area may end up being displaced.

It’s unknown when development of this new complex will take place given the plans have yet to be given the go ahead by the city council. Google aren’t expected to submit their development applications before 2018, and these could be forced to go through modifications if they prove to cause too many issues.

When it eventually does get built, though, it’s sure to transform the area in a very dramatic way.

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