Facebook is potentially looking to open up its first office in San Francisco if new reports are to be believed.

Although nothing’s been signed on the dotted line just yet, the popular social media company are believed to be in the process of securing a building in San Francisco’s South of Market neighbourhood.

Their particular interest is in 181 Fremont, a skyscraper currently occupied by Yahoo until its lease runs out next year. The source who made this news known stated that the company had signed a letter of intent for the building, but were still looking at other places in the city to use for potential offices.

Once the deal is done, the reported plan is for the company to send less than 100 of its Instagram employees to start working there and test out the waters. If all goes well, the operation will increase and Facebook’s presence in San Francisco will grow to join the likes of Google and LinkedIn who have already cemented their presence in the area.

An extension in the city will be beneficial to the company’s 18,000+ staff, some of whom would prefer to live in a larger urban area without the necessary commute to the headquarters in Menlo Park.

While Facebook have declined to comment on these new reports, it’s safe to assume that the notion of expanding the company is something they’re likely to be considering as competition in the social media industry continues to be fierce.

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