More often than not, office design is focused solely on the decoration of the interior without much concern for the exterior. A well-designed workspace is vital to help increase productivity and keep employees motivated, but putting thought into how the green space outside of the office looks can actually be hugely influential for your business. After all, the outside of your building is the first thing that anyone who’s visiting is going to see.

First impressions are key.

Just as the professional design of a website and the personal interaction with clients are important for selling your brand to other people, so too is the way you choose to utilise your workspace – in and out. Although it can seem like more of an afterthought in the grand scheme of things, the way you present your building’s exterior can prove to be the first step in building a strong relationship with clients.

It links to the psychological idea of the halo effect where a positive first impression of someone can make it difficult for people to see them in a bad light. A well-designed exterior can raise a visitor’s expectations before they’ve even stepped through the front door and leave a lasting impact on them when it comes to doing business.

Designing an attractive outdoor space doesn’t have to be difficult. A well-maintained area is just as impressive as something flashy, if not more so, especially if your brand is rooted in the minimal. If there’s a patch of green space outside your complex, liven it up with the addition of plants for a splash of colour. Greenery of any kind provides a more welcoming feel to the building.

Not every office space has this area outside to utilise, but there are still ways to show off the complex in a presentable and professional manner. Revamped car parking facilities and bicycle racks improve order at the front of the building, while clear and eye-catching signs demonstrate an organised appearance for your business.

Putting more consideration into the open space outside of your office not only improves how others view your business, but can also have positive effects on the wellbeing and motivation of employees. Biophilic office design is on the increase as the importance of combining the workspace with nature becomes more apparent so it’s no surprise that this is extending to the outside as well as inside.

It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression so make sure it’s a good one.

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