Employees are the most important asset that a business has in many ways. Without them putting in a strong performance day in, day out there would be no business to speak of, but they have more to offer than just the work they do. Through the use of employee engagement, employers are able to promote their brand by having them act as advocates both in and out of the workplace.

There are various ways in which this is successful, the most notable of which being positive promotion through an employee’s own online channels.

Digital marketing is incredibly important for raising brand awareness, especially through the use of social media, and as businesses continue to hire more young people this becomes easy to achieve. These “millennials” who have grown up in the digital age have a better understanding of how these sites work and how they can be utilised to improve traffic.

What’s more important, though, is that people online prefer to trust what the staff of a business have to say about it, rather than hearing it from the brand itself. According to the Official Guide to Employee Advocacy, their networks are collectively around ten times larger than a company’s, their click-through rate is two times higher and they’re also seen as three times more authentic when they share content. All of this means that they’re better at reaching target audiences and have a lot more impact when posting on social media than the actual company.

Having your staff upload and share posts that reflect positively on your brand is a necessity in this day and age when social media is most people’s go-to source for news and other online content. Word-of-mouth can often be beneficial when it comes from a trusting source, so friends and family of employees are more likely to accept what they have to say about the business than what is shared on your Facebook or Twitter pages. This is particularly important for smaller businesses where the use of promotion via staff social media is fairly weak.

The importance of this engagement is not so much about the number of people they reach, after all their individual accounts are not likely to exceed the follower numbers of the company, but rather their level of engagement. Quality over quantity is key, and you can help ensure this by establishing social media employee advocacy programmes.

The development of new technology means it’s possible to track how effective staff engagement is on their personal social media accounts in relation to increasing brand awareness, allowing employers the opportunity to adjust their advertisement tactics to increase traffic. By discussing plans with individual employees and working together on this form of promotion, relations in the company can strengthen and prompt an increase in business.

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