Airbnb has unveiled their new Paris-based office which has taken inspiration from local design elements and combined them with the company’s drive to “belong anywhere”.

Intended for hosting public events and to give Airbnb employees a space to work, the office has moved away from the “neighbourhood” structure utilised in other cities and favoured a more communal approach. Specially-designed spaces allow for the Paris branch’s sixty employees to work in an environment that supports collaboration with an inspiring view of the Eiffel Tower and Opera Garnier just outside the window.

Le Nid (or The Nest in English) is the office’s main hospitality space intended for the public, as well as offering more in the way of communal work. The design references the company’s interest in travel and culture through the presence of artwork and furniture collected from flea markets, with a carpet decorated in a style often found in Opera Houses. The room retains several touches of the contemporary in the form of furniture created by French designers Jean Prouve and the Bouroullec Brothers.

Up on the sixth floor, the focus turns to creating a space that is bright and open through the use of natural light. In places that this cannot reach, cove lighting has been implemented to keep the office illuminated. The design up here references historical greenhouses to replicate the feel of a solarium with a lush expanse of plant life giving the area an organic feel.

Over in the dining area, the communal aspect is reinforced with its open space and great choice of seating, prompting employees to be diverse in who they socialise with and build up a community in the office. Skylights and exposed beams establish the blend of modern and nostalgic design throughout the building while still maintaining the emphasis on light.

The new office is finished off with a retreat area intended for taking a break and indulging in some relaxation, whether that is to sit and reflect or just take a nap. This area features a built-in sofa and a balcony that offers privacy for staff to collect their thoughts.

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