In the business world, perception plays a massive role in any success your company may achieve. If you are seen by potential customers or the public-at-large to be a sub-par or unestablished brand, regardless of whether this rings true, your bottom line will inevitably suffer as a result. A major factor is this initial perception is your business premises, but many overlook a crucial aspect when selecting and designing their perfect office – the address.

It may just be a street name at the end of the day, but certain addresses carry a certain reputation, whether good or bad, and residential addresses and P.O boxes carry with them issues of their own. With that in mind, let’s break it down.

Firstly, let’s discuss residential addresses and P.O boxes which, while markedly different, have many of the same issues when it comes to business. Such addresses, when used for official business, have a negative bias as they are seen as unprofessional by many. A home address conjures images of a lone entrepreneur struggling to get off the ground, which is a far cry from how you want and need to be viewed if you are to attract substantial business contracts.

For the reasons listed above, a recognisable address within a business park or the like will certainly be better than a home or P.O box address, but there’s more to it than that. Depending upon your industry and client base, some locations will work better than others. For example, well-known London addresses are instantly associated with success, confidence and reliability, whilst over in the US, tech companies strive for the positive association awarded by the prestigious Silicon Valley, famed as the home of various giants of the technology industry. Opting for a more remote location may save you money on rent, but it is likely to cost you some business as potential customers drift toward more seemingly-established competitors.

On the other hand, there’s no value in a London address if the bulk of your business is done in Glasgow, so use a little common sense. A listed location close to potential and existing clients will help in securing and keeping their business, which is an obvious benefit for your business.

However, despite how useful a prestigious address may be, the price of renting such spaces is pushed up as a result. This leaves many businesses, particularly start-ups and SMEs, unable to afford such premises. If this is the case, looking at a virtual office may be the best way forward.

We’re not talking about ‘virtual’ in the Oculus sense here; a virtual office provides you with an external address to be used as an official business address at a fraction of the usual cost. Opting for a virtual office address in an area such as London will allow you to capitalise on the associated benefits to brand perception without spending out on a full office. These deals will generally allow you access to conference rooms and all the other extras you would expect when renting a full office, allowing you to meet with clients at a respected location while investing the money saved elsewhere.

Sam Bonson

Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. He is currently working as a content writer, journalist & editor in an attempt to expand his horizons.
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