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Previously on 1850 Thoughts, we’ve looked at how the exterior of an office building can impact perception, and ultimately how exterior aesthetics are important, yet often overlooked as less so. How a setting is perceived before even stepping in the door is extremely significant when designing or choosing a space to work.

If the exterior of somewhere is appealing, it will get people interested. Pictured is a furniture showroom in the city of Brno-Vinohrady in the Czech Republic, designed by architect team Chybik + Kristof. And it’s safe to say the exterior of this showroom is out-of-the-ordinary.

The exterior is coated with nine-hundred black plastic chairs to create an innovative textured aesthetic. Previously a car showroom, the building is now a showroom for office and school furniture by company MY DVA Group.

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Each of the plastic seats costed around 80 CZK (which is a mere £2.50), but with a whopping 900 covering the building, the price doesn’t seem so small. Ondrej Chybik of Chybik + Kristof tells Dezeen: "We are a young studio and we think all our designs should be a bit funny, but in a smart way of sharing information about the building's programmatic function."

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Inside, set-ups of furniture are showcased in circlular stages, partitioned by sling curtains hung from the ceiling to create a minimalist showcase. The main function of the interior space is to exhibit design pieces from the company, however there are offices and staff spaces on the perimeter of the open space, concealed away from the main space by polycarbnonate partitions.

img Lukas Pelech

Michal Kristof comments on the project: "The surrounding [neighbourhood] is a residential area built in the 80s – a repetitive concept of the block of flats. Our design is a very specific approach focused on the client's production and its connection with the architecture."

"There was a huge curiosity of local residents, people started to talk about the building – we love to open a dialogue about architecture and thanks to the expressive design, it's now happening naturally."

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