Img: Merrick Architecture/Westbank 
Taking inspiration from, of all things, a lamp designed by 20th century Japanese artist Isamu Noguchi (see above), the submitted design for Vancouver’s latest proposed office block development is certainly eye-catching and unique.

Planned to occupy the site at 400 West Georgia Street, which is currently home to a Budget Car Rental office, the new office block consists of a series of offset glass cubes sprouting from a central stem, creating a quirky and interesting aesthetic. Cascading gardens and walls of living moss adorn the exterior of the building, upping its green credentials whilst also providing more immediate benefits such as additional shading.

The tower, designed my Merrick Architecture, looks likely to truly test the boundaries of what should be possible with glass, steel, and concrete.

Speaking of glass, those with an aversion to heights may not be the biggest fans of working life in the building, as judging from images released by Merrick Architecture concerning the development, many of the cubes feature glass floors. Several stories up in a notoriously earthquake-prone area, this may not be the most comforting thought. However, regulations do exist that are designed to ensure that such features are safe and viable to use. If heights don’t bother you, you’re sure to be awed by the impressive views.

Img: Merrick Architecture/Westbank
According to Westbank Development president Ian Gillespie, the 24-storey building has the potential to “reinforce the monumental significance of the street with a project that will form a landmark at the eastern gateway into downtown”, as reported by CBC News.

In the application submitted to the City of Vancouver, Gillespie further commented that, “We don't think our ambitions should stop at a creative design, but rather we should maintain a high degree of artistry throughout the entire process.”

Alongside other major projects in the area, such as the library, the new Vancouver Art Gallery, and the redevelopment of the Canada Post building, Gillespie believes that the development could help to build a “vision of Georgia as the city's ceremonial avenue is coming together.”

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