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We’ve looked at the use of interior glass in office spaces and how it can be used effectively. Transparent and reflective surfaces are perfect for opening up spaces, creating the illusion of more space and looking sleek and modern.

New York firm Only If Architecture have taken using reflective surfaces to a new and unique level with a 18,000 square-foot office space, which is shared by three companies. Located in Midtown Manhattan, Only If Architecture has designed the space to challenge modern-office stereotypes, creating a minimal space with no frills or un-necessaries.

With no bean bags, Ping-Pong tables or sleep pods in sight, the minimalist mix of materials create a unique and creative office space. Monochrome is the standard theme with a vast use of glass, mirrored surfaces interrupted by bold contrasting elements of wood, felt and stone.

The architects comment on the interiors:

“[The interior] is structured by a neutral background of white walls, white exposed ceilings, and a poured black floor. Everything connected to the floor is black. Everything connected to the ceiling is white.

“Rejecting the signifiers of the so-called contemporary creative office environment (ping-pong tables, sharing pods, juice bars, etc), the project supports creativity through a balanced proportion of interaction and focus.”

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The space consists of both open workspaces and enclosed workspaces, suitable for all types of working preferences; great for collaborative workers and meetings, as well as those who prefer private independent working.

The mirrored-display is in the showroom section of the renovation, in where mirrored partitions are in an ‘x’ shape, dividing the space and being versatile for meetings and presentations. The mirrored partitions themselves, despite looking striking and resembling a mirror-maze, hold different functions; some are display cases, others are storage.

The use of a monochrome palette and simple materials create a minimalistic, clear space, with no flamboyance and ultimate simplicity and these minimal workspaces can be beneficial for many workers who enjoy a clutter free working environment.

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