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An office fit-out can be a stressful process, so it’s best that it runs smoothly to ensure it’s as easy as possible, without many hiccups. While often companies let fit-out companies take full control, there are precautions and action for all to consider, ensuring the fit-out is successful and stress-free.

Be money-smart

An office fit-out can be costly, but when done right, is completely worth the money to create a better designed workplace for productive employees. Ensure you know how your money is being spent and what your budget can afford. Find alternatives if something is unachievable within your budget to ensure you still get great results without money-stress.

Also, ensure you’ve budgeted for unexpected costs, as with all office fit-outs or refurbishments of any kind, they rarely go smoothly without any hurdles. For example there may be issues with electrics or plumbing which may need fixing, and it’s obviously crucial these elements are fault free before the interior design process is started. Budget well and account for any potential extra costs.

Have a vision

Know what you want; whether it’s a colour scheme you have in mind or a full design plan you want to follow, it’s great to have some sort of vision for the space to give to a fit-out and design team.

Think about how you’d like your company to be represented and perceived, looking at design in terms of natural light, openness or privacy, as well as taking branding techniques like use of colour, location, shape and texture into consideration.

Trust the professionals

Ensure a great relationship is built between you and the fit-out company to ensure your vision can be creatively adapted into an innovative workspace. Look for local companies if possible, as their knowledge of regional workspaces and suppliers will come in extremely useful to ensure the fit-out is a success – this can potentially cut costs too.

While it’s important that you communicate with your fit-out company of choice, it’s important to remember that fitting out an office is a task that requires the knowledge and expertise of professionals in the field, and they can advise you on how to take your ideas and transform them to be practical, functional and the best for your office space.

Follow the rules

By rules, we mean regulations of your building and how much your landlord allows you to make adjustments.  While you may want to transform the space extravagantly, the guidelines may prevent this, and so continue to communicate with architects, engineers and the fit-out team to work around the guidelines to still make your office a great space.

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